Jump Onboard

Bring on New Employees with Ease

Jump Onboard is a proprietary cloud-based system that is customizable, allowing employers to create a branded employee experience that is as unique as each company. With this platform, employers can be sure all of their new employees are presented with a consistent onboarding experience and all the correct new hire paperwork, including State specific forms.

Enhance Your Employee Onboarding Experience

  • Configurable – Integrates with open system HR Technology.
  • Easy & Efficient – Employees complete all new hire paperwork online, using a computer or a mobile device.
  • Automated Notifications – Emails alert new employees of tasks that need to be completed; notify managers of outstanding items.
  • Auto Populated Form Fields – Make the process quicker and easier for the employee.
  • Smart Fields – Verify data to help ensure all necessary information is collected, simplfying the auditing process.
  • Adobe Document Cloud – All documents are signed electronically and stored for employee and HR reference.

A Growing Platform

Whether you hire five employees a year, or 5,000, Jump Onboard is the perfect system to streamline your process. Let Streamline Onboarding drastically decrease your time and paperwork, ensuring your people feel engaged and productive on day one.

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